Can Silver Break Its Chains? – David Brady (06/06/2018)

June 6, 2018 Given that Gold continues to trade in a tight range ahead of the FOMC meeting next week—and nothing has changed in terms of its analysis, save for a bullish drop in open interest to 450k today—I am … Read More

Liquidity Preference Rising- Keith Weiner (06/06/2018)

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Investing in the Noble Metal of Platinum

As a recognized investment precious metal, many of the world’s leading refineries and mints now offer investment grade platinum bars and platinum coins within their physical precious metals product suites. These include minted platinum bars from the famed refineries of … Read More

Whatever Those Gold & Silver “Exchange For Physicals” Do They’re Not Exchanging Actual Gold Or Silver

The EFPs used to settle NY contracts in London are doing something, but they’re not removing metal for delivery. Here’s what EFPs could be doing… by Chris Powell of the […] The post Whatever Those Gold & Silver “Exchange For … Read More

Go Gold! Inflationary Tariffs Could Supercharge The Yellow Metal

“fully implemented, will have a multitude of implications on the U.S. and world economies…” Here’s what it means for the U.S. consumers and for gold… by Frank Holmes of US […] The post Go Gold! Inflationary Tariffs Could Supercharge The … Read More

The U.S. Is Hiding Its Real Debt (And It Puts Us In Worse Shape Than Greece)

The U.S. national debt is actually twenty times higher than officially reported. Here’s what Laurence Kotlikoff says is really going on… Editor’s Note: Even when the national debt and debt […] The post The U.S. Is Hiding Its Real Debt … Read More