Bitcoin bubble? and what is the future for the cryptomarket?

So I watched a one hour discussion panel between Jeffrey Tucker, Peter Schiff, Gary Smith, and Anthem Blanchard regarding bitcoin, and here is what I have concluded based on the presented views and opinions I heard and some research I … Read More

BTC bullish diversion Jul 2018

BTC is showing clear bullish diversions, we expect it to revisit at least the 8k level, with possible more upside, let’s wait and how it will play out.

Do you think the cryptomarket is overvalued? Think again!

BTC bouncing ball movement! (21/06/18)

BTC price action is showing a bouncing ball like movement, whatever that means, however one thing we all have to agree, that support has been very strong! Now with the half a year of triangulating in a wedge type of … Read More