PwC Partners With BitFury to Create Blockchain Accelerator in Russia

(Sourced from Global consulting group PwC partners with mining company Bitfury to launch a business blockchain accelerator in Russia Cointelegraph By Ana Berman

“You’re A F*cking Idiot!”: Shocking Tesla Expose Reveals The Horror Of Working For A “Depressed” And “Angry” Elon Musk

(Sourced from Wired has published a stunning longform expose on what it has been like to work for Tesla over the last few years. The piece dives into life at the company’s Nevada Gigafactory and the seemingly abusive management … Read More

PAX Stablecoin Exceeds $5 Billion in Transactions in First 3 Months

(Sourced from USD-backed stablecoin Paxos Standard (PAX) has exceeded $5 billion worth of transaction volume Cointelegraph By Marie Huillet

Is 2019 Going To Be The Year Of The Profit Margin Problem?

(Sourced from Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, 2018 has been kind to corporate profit margins. In fact, the margin expansion we’ve seen so far in 2018 is unprecedented in a late cycle economic environment when … Read More

Italian Bonds, Stocks Rally As Prime Minister Confirms Cut To Budget-Deficit Proposal

(Sourced from Italian bond yields moved lower for a second day to touch their lowest level since Sept. 27 while Italian bank stocks lead the country’s benchmark index higher after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti said that the government … Read More

The Noose Tightens Around The EU’s Neck

(Sourced from Authored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Last weekend’s protests across France may have done far more damage than just smashed windows and stolen iPhones. The depth of French anger at the neoliberal globalist policies … Read More

Major Stablecoin Basis to Close, Return Funds to Investors: Sources

(Sourced from Major algorithmic stablecoin project Basis to shut down operations and return the majority of the $133 million it raised in April, sources report Cointelegraph By Olivia Capozzalo

“We’re Approaching A Critical Mass…” – Know Your Rights Or You Will Lose Them

(Sourced from Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson We are approaching … Read More

Report: Court Ruling to Return Mistakenly Sent Cryptocurrency Could Set Precedent

(Sourced from A blog post from the University of Oxford Faculty of Law notes the possible precedent for lost and stolen crypto claims following a recent trial in Canada Cointelegraph By Aaron Wood

Paul Craig Roberts: Truth & Free Speech Are Being Taken Away From Us

(Sourced from Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Free speech and the ability to speak truth are being shut down. It is happening with the complicity of the print and TV media, the liberal/progressive/left, the US Department of Justice (sic), … Read More

Is Bitcoin ABC the Real Bitcoin Cash? OKEx Thinks So!

(Sourced from OKEx has officially taken sides in the Bitcoin Cash hash war. According to an official statement made by the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange today, it will list Bitcoin Cash ABC under the original Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ticker. Bitcoin … Read More

Major Ethereum Software Client Upgrades in Preparation for Constantinople Hard Fork

(Sourced from A major Ethereum software client, Geth, has released a code upgrade that includes an activation time for the Constantinople hard fork in January 2019 Cointelegraph By Ana Alexandre

US Households Now Own More Treasuries Than The Fed

(Sourced from One of the key concerns voiced by finance professionals, politicians and rates traders over the past year, has been the gradual drop in foreigners as a percentage of the total universe of US Treasury buyers, which peaked … Read More

Canadian Court Rules to Return Mistakenly Sent Ethereum to Rightful Owner

(Sourced from A Canadian trial court has ruled that a sum of mistakenly transferred Ethereum tokens should be returned to the rightful holder Cointelegraph By Helen Partz

May Survives No Confidence Vote With Wide Margin Of Support

(Sourced from Update: While the final results of today’s no confidence vote haven’t been officially released, it looks like somebody has already leaked a preliminary total to the Telegraph. May reportedly received 176 votes of support, which is a … Read More

IBM Research Teams up With Agritech Firm to Boost African Agribusiness with Blockchain

(Sourced from IBM Research teams up with U.S.-based agritech firm Hello Tractor to boost the African agriculture industry with blockchain and AI Cointelegraph By Helen Partz

Albert Edwards: Trump’s Tariffs Have Launched A Chinese “Death Wobble”

(Sourced from Two months ago, Albert Edwards first suggested that investors are focusing on the wrong catalyst for the next crash, which according to the grumpy SocGen strategist would emerge out of China, contending that as Trump exerts mounting … Read More

Developers Test Cross-Blockchain Protocol for One-Way ERC20-Bitcoin LN Atomic Swaps

(Sourced from An R&D lab at crypto startup TenX has demoed the use of its cross-blockchain interoperability protocol to transfer ERC20 tokens for Bitcoin using the Lightning Network Cointelegraph By Marie Huillet

Total Setup? FBI Told Michael Flynn To Ditch Lawyer During Interview With Strzok

(Sourced from Andrew McCabe – the FBI’s former Deputy Director, advised then-national security adviser Michael Flynn that he wouldn’t need a lawyer present during a January 24, 2017 White House interview with two FBI agents, according to the Washington Examiner, … Read More

New Zealand: Financial Authority Blacklists Another Three Crypto Platforms Marked as ‘Suspected Scams’

(Sourced from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority adds three more suspicious crypto-related companies to its blacklist Cointelegraph By Ana Berman

Canadian Firm Says It Is “Concerned For Health And Safety” Of Detained Ex-Diplomat

(Sourced from Chinese telecom giant Huawei rejoiced on Tuesday after a judge on British Columbia’s Supreme Court granted bail to Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s CFO and the daughter of its founder. Still, Beijing hasn’t released any information about jailed former … Read More

Binance Tackles Cryptocurrency ‘Misinformation’ With Multilingual Educational Article Bank

(Sourced from New initiative from Binance aims to mitigate the impact of fast-spreading “misinformation” in the cryptocurrency sphere Cointelegraph By William Suberg

The EU & The Warning Signs Of Fascism

(Sourced from Authored by Kit Knightly via, Things are spiralling out of control in Europe, faster than many predicted. Outside of Brexit, there is strong anti-EU feeling in Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece and France. The EU is in … Read More

Washington Is Changing The World Order Against Its Own Interests

(Sourced from Washington Is Changing The World Order Against Its Own Interests Paul Craig Roberts Support your website. It keeps you from living in The Matrix. Donate now. The hubris and arrogance of Washington have been at work … Read More

Ukraine’s Former Prime Minister Proposes to Tackle Corruption Using Blockchain

(Sourced from Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko believes that blockchain can help combat corruption in public administration Cointelegraph By Ana Berman

“Stronghold Of Evil” – Russia Slams America’s Illegal Syrian Occupation

(Sourced from On Tuesday a top Russian military official slammed the United States for “illegally occupying” a massive zone in southwest Syria surrounding the American garrison of al-Tanf, effectively protecting some 6,000 armed militants that Russia has designated terrorists.  … Read More

OKEx Crypto Exchange Lists Bitcoin Cash ABC Under Original Bitcoin Cash Ticker

(Sourced from Malta-based crypto exchange OKEx announced it will list Bitcoin Cash ABC under the original Bitcoin Cash ticker, BCH Cointelegraph By Aaron Wood

Behold Chaos: Two Months Of Market Headlines

(Sourced from Feel like you are losing grip of a market which appears to be entirely under the control of headline-scanning algos and CTAs? You are probably not alone. Below we have pulled a little over two months of … Read More

British Crypto Exchange CEX.IO Now Requires Identity Info From Users

(Sourced from London-based digital currency exchange CEX.IO now requires its users to reveal their identities to “provide users with high-level and reliable service” Cointelegraph By Ana Alexandre

4 Dead, 11 Wounded In Strasbourg “Terrorist Attack”; Shooter Reportedly Fled Scene In Taxi

(Sourced from Update 4: Things are only getting stranger as the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting at a Christmas market in Strasbourg remains at large. FranceInfo is reporting that the injured suspect made his getaway in a taxi that he … Read More